Individuals who do not have the capacity to buy a new car are always on the look of new things so that they could fulfil the criteria of having a new four wheeler. After a long time, a new idea has been introduced in the market. According to this idea, the people who do not have the sound financial background will be able to take the car with the use of lease. There will be an agreement signed between the retailer company and the people. According to this agreement, the people have to down pay the amount of the car for the period of using.

These payments are not to be paid at a time. People will be able to pay the whole thing in instalments and also can get the coverage of the insurance if anything wrong happens. Also in these criteria, a gift card has also been introduced. According to this gift card, people will be able to gift the car to his/her loved or dear ones for a particular period. In this card, the most valuable thing is that one can also change the car according to wish, but the instalments will remain the same.


These are some of the things that have been introduced in the market as a form of new strategy in the fields of sales and marketing.